1) It is imprudent to advise a fool, care for a woman with bad character and to be in the company of a lethargic and unhappy person.”
2) A man shouldn’t live in a place where people are not afraid of the law, are shameless, and there is no clever man, where people lack in kindness, and where exists no creativity or art.”
3) “Do not spend even a single day where you can not find five things: Successful businessmen, educated brahmins, soldiers, a river and a doctor” 
4) “Test your wife when your wealth is lost, a friend in need, relatives at the time of crises, and your servant after allocating him an important duty.”
5) “Whoever helps you at the time of illness, misfortune, famines, and invasion is your true brother in the real sense.”  
6) “A person who cannot decide his goal, simply cannot win.”
7) “A true son is obedient, a true father is loving, and a true friend is honest” 
8) “a person must stay away from the people who act as flatterer in front of you but speak ill behind your back. They cause you irreparable damage. Such friendship is like poisonous milk. One must simply stay away from such people.”
9) “Always keep your biggest plans as a secret. The simplest suggestion is to continue the task without grabbing much attention.”
10) “A man must act as per the situation instead of day dreaming (assuming what may happen). Chanakya advises not to trust everyone”
11) “A wise person grooms his child carefully because only an educated person with high morale is given true respect in society.”
12) Chanakya advises not to overindulge with your child, pupil, and students. It will spoil them.
13) He emphasizes that the destruction is inevitable for a:
  • tree standing on the bank of a river 
  • a woman in the house of a stranger
  • king with a stupid advisor
14) The Power Of a
  •  scholar lies in his knowledge
  • king lies in his army
  • trader lies in his money
  • a servant is in his service.
15) “People leave a weak king, a prostitute deserts her improvised customer, and birds leave a withered tree. In the same manner, the guests must leave the house of host after eating.”
16) “End is near for anyone who befriends a person of bad character or lives in the company of an evil fellow”
17) “You can guess the origin of a person through his behavior, his native place via his tone, and his food intake by looking at the size of his belly.”
18) “If you have an evil person on one side and a snake on the other; better opt for the snake as it will bite only for self-defense but the wicked person will not spare any chance of hurting you.”
19) “A young person, with a beautiful face and of a higher origin, however, uneducated is always ignored like a scentless flower.”
20) “A hard working person cannot remain poor, a person who continuously remembers God is unlikely to perform a sin, a person with peace cannot quarrel. Similarly, a vigilant person has no fears.”
21) “Excess of beauty resulted in the kidnapping of Sita, extreme ego of Ravana got him killed, and unnecessary charity caused massive trouble to Raja Bali. Extremes are never good!”
22) “Just like a tree laden with scented flowers spreads fragrance in the whole forest. Similarly, a worthy son brings glory to the whole family, community, and the country.”
23) “A dried tree, when catches fire, burns the whole forest; so does a bad son born in a family.”
24) “When faced with natural disasters, famine and unstoppable enemy invasion; one must run away and the save life. Don’t worry, You would get another opportunity.”
25) “The best place to live is where fools are not honored, grains are preserved, where husband and wife don’t quarrel. Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) resides at such locations.”