Kailash Mansarovar Mystery

You will find many climbers climbing Mount Everest but not climbers of Mount Kailash.

Yes, I am talking about Mount Kailash, which according to Hindu beliefs is considered the abode of Lord Shiva.

There are many mythological stories about Mount Kailash. If Hindu scriptures believe that climbing of Mount Kailash is prohibited because there are beliefs that Lord Shankar is still present there.

And absorbed in devotion

However, how much truth is there in this claim, I cannot tell

After further research, it was found out that scientists have a different view about this, they consider this place as the Axis Mundi , that is, the navel of the Earth is said that ten directions of Earth and Sky meet here.

Many scientists consider it to be the center of the earth. Two tanks are found under Mount Kailash, one of the highest freshwater lakes and Mansarovar which is one of the highest lakes of the monster lake.

People also consider it as an indicator of positive and negative energies.

Whenever the discussion of the snow man also rises, it is also said that the snowman and the devout monks living there kill the person climbing there.

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