Osho Thoughts

If you want to see the truth then do not make an opinion on consent or disagreement.

When both love and hate are not there, then everything becomes clear and clear.

Fools laugh at others. Wise on themselves.

Do not follow the path on which you are afraid. Walk the path that love drives you, walk the way that happiness drives you.

You can love as many people as you want. This does not mean that you will go bankrupt. Love is not less.

Friendship is the purest love, it is the highest form of love. Anything can be sought here anytime. There is no condition here. Here the pleasure lies in giving.

Tomorrow never happens, whenever it comes in hand it is today and we leave it for tomorrow also. In this way we do not live and we go on postponing that we will live tomorrow, we will live the day after tomorrow.

Whatever can be done, complete it today because you do not have the resolve to do the work you leave for tomorrow.

Life is a balance between stagnation and speed.

You do not need to compete with anyone. Good as you are

The question is not how much can be learned, but the question is how much can be forgotten.

You become what you think.

Do not think who is your true friend, but think of whom you are your true friend.

Be more and more innocent, like a child. Take life as fun, because this is life in reality.

When both love and hate are not there, then everything becomes clear and clear.

Do what you want to do in life, don’t think what people will say? Because people will say even when you do nothing.

All education, art is useless if it does not teach you how to drown in yourself?

Neither stumbling nor stumbling is the fate of the traveler, otherwise the stones have paid their duty.

A man knows millions of things. Even if he knows the whole world. But if he does not know himself then he is ignorant.

Forgetting is also the path to take towards right Therefore, do not be afraid of making mistakes, otherwise no man will ever reach right. He who is afraid of making a mistake remains in error. You should make a mistake with a lot of heart. One thing should be kept in mind that one mistake should not be made again.

A human remains like a robot, mechanically efficient, but without consciousness.

People like freedom, but no one wants responsibility. These two come together, they cannot be separated.

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