Who are Hand Models and What do they do?

A hand model is quite literally someone who models with their hands. This often means wearing pieces of jewelry such as rings, or display cosmetics such as nail polish. It is not only limited to these types of products, as you maybe wanted to provide an action for all kinds of advertising or commercial products. The most common type of work for a hand model is commercial, usually shooting for advertising campaigns. Anything that a hand can do is possible to be included in these images: you might be opening the ribbon on a present, wearing a nice watch, caressing someone else’s skin, or so on.
It sounds odd to think of a disembodied hand appearing in an advert, but once you start looking for them, you will realize that they are more common than you think! Even when a celebrity appears in an advert, they will sometimes have hand models come in for close-up shots to ensure that their hands look good. You might even be asked to fill in for close-up shots on movie and television sets.

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