*What is the cause of delusion and how should we remove it? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today.*

The next step (in getting rid of the ignorance of individuality, where the first is practising the attitude of, ‘I am Yours’) is: “You are mine,” where the wave demands the support of the sea as its right. The Lord has to take the responsibility of guarding and guiding the individual. The individual is important, worthy to be saved, and the Lord is bound to fulfil the need of the devotee. Surdas said, “You are mine; I will not leave You; I shall imprison You in my heart; You shall not escape.” The next stage is: “You are I” — I am but the image and You are the Reality. I have no separate individuality; there is no duality. All is One. Duality is but delusion.

. Divine Discourse, Sep 8, 1963

*Cultivate divine vision and visualize the Lord in all beings, things and activities. That makes this human birth worthwhile. -BABA
*जिस समय से हमारा मन अपने और दूसरों के लिए शुभ सोचना प्रारंभ करदेता है ,*
*शांति उसी समय से हमारे जीवन में प्रविष्ट हो जाती है…!!!**