The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

1. VAUNT (VERB): (डींग हांकना):  boast
Synonyms: show off
Antonyms: criticized, unsung
Example Sentence:
They have utterly eclipsed their vaunted American rivals.

2. HEFT (VERB): (वज़न करना): lift
Synonyms: raise, raise up
Antonyms: put down
Example Sentence:
He lifted crates and hefted boxes.

3. FIAT (NOUN): (व्यवस्थापत्र):  edict
Synonyms: order, command
Antonyms: denial, disapproval
Example Sentence:
The reforms left most prices fixed by government fiat.

4.CONTEMPORARY(ADJECTIVE): (समकालीन): present
Synonyms: modern, present-day
Antonyms: old-fashioned, out of date
Example Sentence:
The event was recorded by a contemporary historian.

5. PROPONENT (NOUN): (समर्थक):  supporter
Synonyms: upholder, exponent
Antonyms: opponent
Example Sentence:
He is a strong proponent of the free market and liberal trade policies.

6. ELUDE (VERB): (बचना): evade
Synonyms: avoid, dodge
Antonyms: be caught by
Example Sentence:
He tried to elude the security men by sneaking through a back door.

7. OUTLAY (NOUN): (व्यय):  expenditure
Synonyms: expenses, spending
Antonyms: income
Example Sentence:
A modest outlay on local advertising was spent.

8. PINNACLE (NOUN): (शिखर):  peak
Synonyms: height, summit
Antonyms: nadir, trough
Example Sentence:
He had reached the pinnacle of his career.

9. DELINEATE (VERB): (चित्रित करना):  set out
Synonyms: describe, set forth
Antonyms: confuse, twist
Example Sentence:
The law should delineate and prohibit behaviour which is socially abhorrent.

10. COERCIVE (ADJECTIVE): (बलपूर्वक):  persistent
Synonyms: insistent, pressing
Antonyms: powerless
Example Sentence:
The governor has a hereditary army for coercive purposes.