Firsts in World

The first person to land on moonNeil Armstrong & Edwin Aldrin (USA)
The first man to enter spaceMajor Yuri Gagarin
The first women cosmonaut of worldValentina Terrescova
The first man to fly to space belonging to country other than Russia or USARemek (Czech)
The first unmanned space craft to land on moonLuna-16 (USSR)
The first country to launch artificial satelliteRussia
The first shuttle in spaceColumbia
The first shuttle to reach marsViking-I
The first country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore JupiterUSA
The first space vehicle to soft land on moonLuna-9 (USSR)
The first person to cross Atlantic in open wicker basket hot air balloonDavid Hempleman Adams
The first president of USAGeorge Washington
The first Prime Minister of BritainRobert Walpole
The first women President of a countryMaria Estela Person (Argentina)
The first woman Prime Minister of a countryMargaret Thatcher (UK)
The first woman Prime Minister of a country elected twiceMrs. S  Bandarnaike(Sri Lanka)
The first president of Chinese republicSun Yet Sen
The first president of USA to resign from postRichard Nixon
The first  governor general of PakistanMohd. Ali Jinnah
The first woman BishopRev. Barbara C Harris
The first woman ambassador of BritainAnne Warburton
The first mountaineer to reach Mt. Everest without oxygenPeter Habeler(Austria)Reinhold Messner (Italy)
The first person to fly AirplaneWrite Brothers
The first person to reach South PoleAmundsen(Norway)
The first woman civilian police adviser of the UNKiran Bedi
The first woman president of UN General  AssemblyVijaya Lakshmi Pundit
The first Governor General of UNTrigveli (Norway)
The first country to have a written constitutionUSA
The first European to attack IndiaAlexander the great
The first  European to reach chinaMagellan
The first Chinese to visit IndiaFa-Hein
The first British pm to visit IndiaHarold Macmillan
The first president of USA to visit IndiaD. Eisenhower
The first president of Russia to visit IndiaV.I. Bulganin
The first country to host modern OlympicsGreece
The first country to print bookChina
The first country to start civil service examChina
The first country to win football world cupUruguay
The first country to win cricket world cupWest indies
The first person to score an innings of 400 runs in cricketBrian Lara
The first person to win 8 gold medal in OlympicMichael Phelps
The first 1000wicket taker in international cricketM. Muralidharan
Lawn tennis player to win the Wimbledon 5 consecutive timesBjorn Borg

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