Correcting is always for the better

It is not enough a man corrects he must try  to correct all that’s around him too. Life is not made to order. Corrections are to give it a better shape.Life commences with corrections ends with achievement & contentment .The great man is one who corrects himself to the core. Tries to correct others to the core. How difficult it is  to be correct ? In great epic Mahabharata Dharmaraja had to enter heaven via hell being correct.A correction demands many things. It isn’t mere correcting.World is changing.The way man is leading life is also changing.Without man correcting, his life wont change.Where there’s will there’s a way. What all one who wants to correct himself won’t do. Correcting is always for the better. It’s quite  essential always .It  appreciates respect ,status, & value of a man .If not corrected nothing seldom remains as it is. In fact,it worsens. A country’s economy always tries to correct itself to keep everyone happy. A correct man too tries to keep everyone happy.Corrections can create a flawless, sinless & peaceful society.Correction isn’t merely to one who have been spoiled. Its for everyone too.It has a multiplier effect.It brings correction elsewhere also.Of course, anything if done correctly needs no correction. However, a few only could do everything correctly.Whoso ever who has no confidence in self wont do anything correctly at all.Correcting may be full of strain,pain & stress but it is equally rewarding. It is a process of learning from mistakes.No one would question if a man doesn’t correct himself. But as a consequence not  merely he would be at disadvantage but also others  would be at disadvantage. Many things can’t be corrected at all.Where anything can be corrected its nothing but an opportunity. It is His blessing.Wherever possible no stone should be left upturned for correction. Correction is the tool for creating better from worse.One who needs correction always is man. By correcting only man nears perfection. Perfection is a rare phenomenon. Correction depends upon man, his capabilities & circumstances. Its a challenge &struggle.What we can’t correct, we shouldn’t try to correct at all. His blessings are always quite essential to correct anything.Any correction shouldn’t have selfish motive at all. It must be for the benefit of one & all. Some have more to correct & some have less to correct.Some have big corrections & some have small.There’s nobody without them at all. It is Man’s thinking & viewing bring about corrections.A correction isn’t as glaring as a mistake is. It doesn’t catch eyes as a mistake does.Corrections aren’t similar. They are of different types. Some corrections are one time measure. Some are continuous. They go on, go on.Some corrections take place without one’s knowledge too..There is a way to correct ourselves & correct others too.Police man,law &others try to correct man but its man himself who can correct himself more than anyone of them .A small correction does a wonder many a times.Without knowing what is to be corrected nothing could be corrected at all. Without straining, without attempting nothing could be corrected too.Who all doesn’t try to correct a man ? Parents, teachers, friends, well wishers, nature & all lessons try to correct him. A man who corrects himself would be wise & succeeds usually in life.
Where all corrections cannot be held ? Corrections can be had in every function of man. Whether, its siting standing writing, reading or anything. Baby’s crawling to walking is nothing but a correction.

Man is recognized as an intelligent person. Correcting him is not an easy task at all. Whether it is an intelligent person or a dull herd it is difficult to correct. Better a man himself always corrects himself.Today’s man isn’t yesterday’s man. Human life is flexible.Man must use all  discretion & make changes.Corrections change a man.Nobody is born perfect. By correcting from time to time man is what he is today.What was it before & what is it now that is the wonderful work of correction. Parents would feel happy if there’s nothing to correct with their children . Instead of faulting &correcting, doing correct is always better. Correcting is upgrading self & not degrading self at any time.It isn’t inferiority.Its an indication of improvement.A clock that’s out of order would remain as it is if not set right. If the spelling of a word is incorrect, its difficult to understand it. In fact,we may misunderstand it.All corrections aren’t same.Correcting isn’t  also same everywhere.Man can’t correct everywhere everything but can’t remain without correcting too.A man too would remain as he is if doesn’t correct himself from time to time.God provides one opportunities to correct if they don’t it’s their fault. A better judge rather than punishing an offender tries to correct him.Correction puts a man always on the right path.Being a correct man not only pleases man but also pleases God too.

Superiority & inferiority complexes play part in attitude towards correction.I must improve is an inner urge to correct selves. A few would have it. Time to time introspection is the best tool to correct self. A failure after failure corrects a man more than a success after success.To correct themselves one must know fully themselves & know others too.A correction is a stitch in time. Why one doesn’t correct themselves ? Their fault often they either don’t know or realize due to ego. No correction can be made where one sits idle.

All can’t correct . Correction isn’t a joke at all. What aren’t needed for it. Creator creates & leaves. where its essential only corrects. Man too must correct only where it is essential.Correction would be needed only where there is incorrect or where there is reason. Correcting is picking right from anyone.It may be king or subject.One doesn’t become great in a day, they look at others & correct themselves a lot.It is well said ” Survival of the fittest” Only those who can correct themselves & tide over the situations in life would survive. Correcting is an art.

One wouldn’t have moral authority to correct others if they aren’t correct at all.Greatest advantage of being correct is one needn’t worry about anything at all. Nobody can point a finger at a correct man.Correction is a lifelong process that never ends.With it only man develops.Its a tool to be better.One who is after its always alert & never sleeps.Criticism often leads to correction.Man is of the opinion the way they lead life is correct one & can’t please everyone. One can correct others only a little. It’s they who have to correct themselves. Correction of life isn’t for others. It is for self satisfaction & development.An artist becomes successful after correcting art several times.A man too becomes successful in correcting only after several attempts.Life isn’t a straight line.It can’t be corrected.Man has to correct himself.Committing mistake is far easier than correcting it. Everywhere there is no scope for correction. Where is it, it’s an opportunity.

To err is human. Correcting too is human. God forgives the one who corrects.Correcting is an appreciating & rewarding great quality. Intention to correct is intended to accept good.’Correction isn’t easy. It’s mind & conscience tussle. It’s an uphill task.Correction is a remedy to all mistakes. Practicing is nothing but correcting & correcting &becoming perfect.A musician corrects & corrects & presents a melodious song. It isn’t merely man corrects, nature, birds & animals too correct.More than anything else a correction brings self satisfaction. It makes one proud.Not only that’s wrong has to be corrected.All that’s unwanted has to be corrected.Correction too has time limit. It should be when it should be & not at any time. No matter a mistake is not corrected. One struggling to correct it is great.A man becomes great only after total correction.A man becomes great after correction after correction.One who has learning habit corrects himself simultaneously.To correct themselves one must know fully themselves & know others too. God provides everyone opportunities to correct if they don’t it is their fault.Correcting is upgrading self & not degrading self at any time.
Where all corrections are needed, it couldn’t be said at all They are needed physically, mentally & in all respects . One cannot be left & another cannot be taken. Correction is always hard earned. Nobody wants to lose it nor wont lose it too.
Correct & incorrect would not go along often smoothly at all.