List of all 400+ Team scores in the cricket ODI matches

The first One-day International match was played between Australia and England on 5 January 1971. Since then the first 400+ plus was scored by the Australian team in 2006. As on January 2020, 21 scores have been chalked out in the ODI cricket by 6 teams. In this article, we have published the list of all 400+ ODI scores.

List of all 400+ Team scores in the ODI matches;

ScoreTeam (Time)Opponent
434/4  Australia (2005–06)South Africa
438/9  South Africa (2005–06)Australia
443/9Sri Lanka (2006)Netherlands
418/5  South Africa (2006–07)Zimbabwe
413/5  India (2007)Bermuda
402/2  New Zealand (2008)Ireland
414/7  India (2009–10)Sri Lanka
411/8  Sri Lanka (2009–10)India
401/3  India (2009–10)South Africa
418/5India (2011–12)West Indies
404/5  India (2014–15)Sri Lanka
439/2  South Africa (2014–15)West Indies
408/5  South Africa (2014–15)West Indies
411/4  South Africa (2014–15)Ireland
417/6  Australia  (2014–15)Afghanistan
408/9  England (2015)New Zealand
438/4  South Africa (2015–16)India
444/3  England (2016)Pakistan
481/6  England (2018)Australia
418/6England  (2018–19)West Indies
421  West Indies(2019)New Zealand

Indian team’s highest score in ODI

The first 400+ score of the Indian team was against Bermuda in world cup 2007. Indian team scored 413/5 with the help of 114 runs by Sehwag, 89 by Sourav Ganguly and 83 runs by Yuvraj Singh.

The highest score of the Indian team in ODI is 418/5. The Indian team had scored these runs with the help of a double century by Virender Sehwag. He scored his career-best 219 runs in this match played at Indore on Dec 8, 2011.

Some interesting records about 400+ score;

1. Till date, 6 teams have scored 400+ run mark in ODIs on 21 occasions.

2. South Africa is the only team that has scored 400+ runs in ODIs 6 times and winning all matches.

3. The Indian team has scored 400+ runs on five occasions and won all matches.

4. England team has scored 400+ runs on five occasions and won all matches.

5. Australian and Sri Lanka team have scored 400+ on just 2 occasions, losing one and winning one.

6. New Zealand & West Indies are the other two teams that also have scored 400+ score one time each.

So this was the complete list of all 400+ scores in the ODI matches. I hope the Indian team will supercede South Africa and register the most number of 400 plus scores in the ODI cricket.

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